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Our Program

Our Curriculum

We focus on academics as well as social and emotional development of all students.

We implement themed units with daily lesson plans along with the Creative Curriculum in our Pre-K program. The Creative Curriculum is a research based, nationally used curriculum that aligns with preschool guidelines, which is used with the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment program that focuses on these core areas:  Math, Literacy, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social and Emotional Development.

The Benefits of NHAC

  • Quality, educational, fun,  and safe childcare

  • Focused on early learning

  • Caring teachers and staff

  • Welcoming learning environment

  • Reasonable rates with childcare assistance options

  • Preschool and prekindergarten classes

  • Tuition assistance for families who meet income requirements

  • Licensed by the State of South Dakota

Strategies for Success

  • Positive Reinforcement – to encourage kind and respectful behaviors towards peers and educators.

  • PBIS – Focus on three primary expectations: Responsible, Respectful and Safe. These expectations are used in overall programming and language used within the Center. This aligns with the Lead Deadwood Elementary School expectations to encourage a fluid transition from our Center into the school district.

  • Parent-Teacher conferences – regular meetings between staff and families to encourage success in the classroom and effective communication.

  • My Book – a complete record of assessments, transitions, and classroom work. This book is given to the family when the child leaves NHAC and moves on to Kindergarten.

Choosing the right childcare and early learning center for your family is a big decision, and Northern Hills Alliance for Children is here to help. The best way to get you the information you need is to speak directly with the staff.  Call the Northern Hills Alliance for Children at ​605-559-2007 or send us a message through the contact form below!

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